Maya Leites


"Great art is the outward expression of the inner life in the artist, and this inner life will result in his personal vision of the world" - Edward Hopper


I am a constantly emerging artist, a beginner; absorbing and observing the world around me, and enjoying the creative process in everything I do. Nothing is too mundane to manifest it. Through painting I communicate my experiences, thoughts and emotions, filtered through the lens of time, distilled into an idea, and expressed in forms and colors. I use painting as a mirror and a window, and then I turn it towards you... 


My training as an architect sparked my fascination with the human experience in relationship with its surroundings. It also sparked the excitement of discovery while developing ideas from concept to design. My love for travel and the opportunities I had to live in different places around the world filled me with experiences and sensitivity to the diversity around me, a perspective that always finds its way into my work.